Crayola Glitter Markers


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Crayola Glitter Markers

Bright, bold, and sparkly! Crayola glitter markers on an extra dazzling touched a homemade cards, crafts and colourful art projects. Six shimmering shades to choose from! Violet glitz, silver sparkle, emeralds zest, blue blazers, gold metal, and Fire flex.


Eco evolution. Here are just some ways Crayola is conserving energy and making the products a lot more environmentally friendly.

SOLAR PANELS provide energy to produce 1 billion Kranz and have 1 billion markers each year.

USING RECYCLED  Plastic in our products keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year.

A NEW TREE  It’s planted for everyone used to make our coloured pencils.

•8 pack

•glitter dazzling colors