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Copper grilling and baking mat

Heat conductive cooking. Cook with less mess and easy prep. Copper infused to disperse heat for uniform cooking, non-stick, reusable, dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 500°F.


Eliminate burning, mass and flare up with sausage and get great grill marks through the mat. Cut your mat to fit any size! 

•Less mess grill with marinade and bake with glazed without the messy aftermath

•Perfect for common use Campground or Park Grill

•Great for grilling vegetables
• no charring, disperses heat to cook evenly

• nonstick surface is perfect for baking cookies and brownies

• heat resistant up to 500°F

• no waste , wash and use again

• dishwasher safe

• keeps grills and ovens clean

• copper infused

• contains 2 mats